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    須川 崇志 (bass, cello)




    2001年に日本大学文理学部を中退後、奨学金を得てアメリカへ渡り、バークリー音楽大学にてJohn Lockwood氏にベースを師事する。2006年に同大学を卒業、ニューヨークへ移住した直後にピアニストの菊地雅章氏に出会い、以後氏のアートフォームから多大な影響を受ける。2008年9月に日本へ帰国。辛島文雄トリオを経て、2010年より6年間日野皓正カルテット、同クインテットのメンバーを務める。現在の主なレギュラーバンドに峰厚介カルテット、本田珠也トリオ、同カルテット、八木美智依トリオなど他多数。現在、ホットミュージックスクールでベース講師も務めている。







    Takashi Sugawa (bass, cello)


    Born in Gunma, Japan on February 1982. Takashi began his music carrier at age 11 with playing classical cello, then switched to bass when he was 18. Takashi was given a scholarship from Berklee College of Music, where he studied double bass under John Lockwood. After graduation in 2006 Takashi moved to Brooklyn, NY. Soon after he met Masabumi Kikuchi and discovered his music and art, and influenced by his mastery art forms.


    September 2008, Takashi left New York and moved to Tokyo, Japan. Takashi became a member of Terumasa Hino Quartet for 6 years since March 2010. Currently he works for numerous regular band and projects such as Kosuke Mine Quartet, Tamaya Honda Trio, Michiyo Yagi Trio etc.


    Takashi has been performed such festivals as Montreux in Switzerland, Tokyo Jazz, Wangaratta, Brisbane in Australia, Mores Festival in Germany etc.


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    "I don’t know where jazz is going. Maybe it’s going to hell. You can’t make anything go anywhere. It just happens." -Thelonious Monk

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